Can we convert field to variable in single workflow?

I am getting the path of the file in feild and want tk read this file
I can’t use this feild in input step file path as it requires variable$.
I want to do this into single workflow. How it can be done

Hi @Shubhamautomation,

Which input step are you exactly using? I am asking these because for multiple steps, you can use field names directly.

I was downloading the attachment from mail. Email message input step was creating Mail folder like
mail10280, mail10390 etc. And inside this folder downloaded file exists.
That i wanted to read .
email input step gives the attachment folder path as field. and In input step(Text file input)
to use this path we normally use variable$ name But to keep the value in variable we need to use another workflow(pass path as Runtime paramtere and use that direclty in file input step).
I wanted to in single workflow.
Now I got know the about cool feature in input step.
In which we can use field(froom previous step) in filepath to read file( see snapshot)


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Good to know you could solve it! Kudos!