Set dynamic file path in text file input

How to set dynamic file path from email message input to text file input.
I want to set attachment folder path in text file input step that is coming from email message input step.

Hello Onkar,


Kindly try to check the workflow attached and let me know if you are looking for this.

Gaurav M
email-fileoutput.psw (19.7 KB)

Hi Garr,
Yes, I’m looking for this only but i solved this issue using javascript step. path and file name attached and assigned to variable and selected variable name in text file input step.

Hello @onkarhiremath

Oh Sure you can also go with that approach.

Glad to know, thank you for the update.


It’s not work. how to solve this problem.

Could you please share your workflow or error you are facing so I can suggest?

I solve this error but how to fetch data from that downloaded file path in text input step