Capture Table Data

Hi! I need to capture the first three rows of all the pages of a table.

I will mention all the methods to capture table data in GUI Automation here although I will suggest you use the Web Loop Table to fetch table data on a web page. Web Loop Table is a ready action that lets you perform fetch tabular data row and column without a need for scripting.

  1. WebTable captures table data of the current page only, it does not traverse through the pages as it cannot be placed in between loop steps. It can capture specific columns but read all the rows on the page as there is no configuration to read specific rows
  2. Web Loop Table step itself forms a loop to capture particular columns and rows of a table.
  3. Thirdly, Get the xpath of a particular row, the xpath of the next rows is incremented by one. Read rows of a table in a loop by incrementing the row count. Configure a Modified Java Script Value step and create a variable as shown below,

In the following statement the variable refers to a sample absolute X-Path and the Row_Iterator is a loop iterator.

This is also applicable to GUI Automation for Windows.