How to login into a web page using gui automation

I want to login into a web page and extract table of a search result. Which gui automation steps to use?

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Hi @harshitha28 . Best si to remember to use the plugins under the same action when you go to the website. If you need to click in a field, find the Web GUI Click. If you need to write, use “Set Value” , if you need to read “Get Value”.
If the data is in table format, probably you can use “get table” and will read all the records.
Hope you get the idea.


Hi! Harshita,

Yes you can use the ‘Web Set Value’, ‘Web Click’, and ‘Web Table’ or ‘Web Loop Table - Continue Loop’ steps. Check the ‘GUI Automation’ plugin steps.

Web Table Vs Web Loop Table - Continue Loop Steps:
The Web Table step is used to traverse through HTML table in Web GUI automation. Either entire table or specific columns can be the output.

In Web Loop Table - Continue Loop steps - each row of the table is processed for a single iteration (The rows to be processed are specified in the Loop Tab as All or specific rows or based on a condition). Processing of all the rows specified for a single iteration completes a loop.

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