Check Maximum and Minimum in Table

I have a table (id, name, quantity). Now I want to get the row that has the maximum quantity and the row which has the minimum quantity.
Which PS Plugin should I use?

Hi! Aman

You could use the ‘Execute SQL script’ to query id, name, max(quantity) and min(quantity)

I have a web table split in two different pages and have to click in the most recent value. It can be located either in the first or in the second page. Have to check both. It’s a date in the format MM/YYYY. Thanks.

Hi Sergio.
Do these links have a javascript or URL asociated with it? Then you could read the table and the corresponding attributes for each link. When identified which link you need to execute, you could then use the navigate to URL or inject Javascript.
If not, maybe will read each table with a field to identify which page each record was read and move back/forward page to execute the link If you attach a video of what you would like to accomplish, then more help could be provided.