Component of AutomationEdge

What are the main component of AutomationEdge?

Hi Ankita,

Three major components of AutomationEdge platform
1. Process Studio:
Java based desktop tool meant for creating or modeling business processes. It offers drag-and-drop capabilities that almost eliminates need to write a program or a script while building business processes. AutomationEdge Process Studio has a rich library of plugins to access, prepare, and blend data from disparate data sources and enterprise applications

2. AutomationEdge Agent:
An Agent is a piece of software that works on behalf of AE Engine, and executes workflows. Agents provide scalability to AutomationEdge as it can be deployed on multiple machines and harness the processing power of multiple machines.
Three types of agent
a. Standard Agent- one workflow at a time
b. Advanced Agent- two workflows concurrently
c. Turbo Agent- four workflows concurrently(1 compulsorily Sequential)

  1. AutomationEdge Server:
    AE server checks that signature is not a tampered.
    AE Server has supporting framework versions defined.
    Rejects workflow if version is not compatible
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