AutomationEdge Process Resources

I am new to RPA. How do I get started with AutomationEdge Process Studio and please give a link to the various resources.

I would like to add to the high level information about Process Studio
A business process can be modelled in Process Studio either as a workflow or a process.

  • A workflow is about moving and transforming rows whereas a process is more about high-level flow control: executing workflows, sending mails on failure, transferring files via FTP etc.
  • Another key difference is that all the steps in a workflow, execute in parallel, but the steps in a process, execute in order.

AutomationEdge Process Studio is one of the three major components of AutomationEdge platform. Other two being AutomationEdge Agent and AutomationEdge Server.
Process Studio is a Java based desktop tool for creating or modelling business processes. It offers drag-and-drop capabilities that almost eliminates need to write a program or a script while building business processes.
AutomationEdge Process Studio has a rich library of plugins to access, prepare, and blend data from disparate data sources and enterprise applications. It also provides an ability for customers to write their own plugins to extend this library.
To get started,

  1. Request for an on-prem or cloud trial instance on

  2. For resources visit,

  1. Product Documentation can be obtained from

Hope this will be useful to many users here!