Ease of development with Process Studio

I am an AutomationEdge developer. I use Process Studio for workflow development. I am new to Process Studio, so please could you provide a list of features that can ease my development experience.

Process Studio has several features to ease a developer’s experience.

  • Process Studio startup screen has a progress bar to help developers understand the current state while loading the application
  • The startup flow including any of the following - registration, daily login, PS updates and Plugin Updates is optimized for a smoother and seamless login experience
  • Set a default workspace so that the select workspace pop-up is not shown every time.
  • Easily change workspace without having to manually restart Process Studio.
  • Search functionality with ability to search across Workspace(s), save search filters, etc.
  • Verify their Processes and Workflows to check for any issues before execution
  • Set Breakpoints with or without conditions. Breakpoint conditions can be viewed even while debugging a workflow
  • Error handling at individual step level as well as using a Try-Catch block.