Data Safety

Will our data be Safe in Robotic process Automation?

Hi Pranit,

Yes, your data is 100% safe & secure and only your chosen people
from your own organization have access to your data. Apart from this,
your data is in an encrypted format when it is stored in databases as
well as during transit between the server and your machine. Multiple
security audits and reviews have been done to make sure of this.


Hello Pranit,

@snehal.pawar has pretty much answered your question. To add a bit more technical details to this,

  • All if your data that needs stored in the AutomationEdge database is always stored in an encrypted format. We use AES 256-bit encryption for this purpose
  • Whenever this data needs to be moved for whatever reasons like sending you target system, AE UI,etc. this will be sent using TLS 1.2
  • For additional security, AutomationEdge recommends using HTTPS as the communication protocol
  • From the security compliance viewpoint, no system/user/software can talk with the AutomationEdge engine unless authenticated.

The combination of above points guarantees you the safety of your data.

Warm Regards,
Hemanshu Rukadikar