Date Locate & Date Time Zone

Date Locale and Date Time Zone fields from Rename field plugins?

Hi Ankita,

Date Locale field is available in Meta Data Tab of the Rename Step.Meta Data Tab is used Change the name, type, length and precision (the metadata) of one or more fields. Date Locale Specifies the date locale to use for date conversions and calculations. A drop down is available to choose the value. If we leave blank it will choose default encoding available on Machine.
Similarly Date time Zone Field specifies the date time zone to use for date conversions and calculations. Here also a drop down of values is available, if we leave blank it will select the default encoding available on your System.


Thanks for the ans

Hi, I am using rename fields plugin to change time zone to PST. It’s working. But when I save the data in Excel file, there it is saved as IST time (system time) only. And if I use that time in any other calculations, it took IST time instead of PST.