Desktop Spy

I am getting an error while clicking on “Desktop Spy”. (Failure! Installation Path contains one or more white Spaces).

Please help…

We are using AutomationEdge for last two years…for various purposes.


Hello Abdur,

If you are getting white space error, could you please check path of the Process Studio installed has a white space in one of the folder name.

Please remove that and try to run Desktop spy.

You can also try to Change the process studio path to resolve this issue.


Someone has to take control on our server and check first…


Hi @abdur.rafi,

Thank you for writing us. Please make sure your path does not have any white spaces in between as mentioned in error.


Once you do changes, please make sure you have desktop valid license. If issue still persist after removing white space, feel free to raise ticket to support.

We will assist you on priority.

AutomationEdge Support

I have checked and found :


And within this folder (DesktopPlugins) there is not no folder named “desktop-engine”… Rather there is a jar file - viz. desktop-gui-5.0.0-SNAPSHOT-complete .


Hello Abdur,

Can you help with the path where the process studio is installed?

Is it possible to download and extract Process Studio in the path *C:* and try?


Please schedule a time and take my system remotely and do the needful.


Hello Abdur,

Kindly raise a new ticket on the portal so we can check for the details.


Please reopen the ticket #9878.

I raised it a few days ago… but unfortunately I have not received a proper solution from AE… Rather they have closed it,