DocEdge – Intelligent Document Processing with OCR, RPA and AI

You likely agree that technology has indeed accelerated various business processes. But when it comes to scanning and processing voluminous data, businesses lag in the race. And besides, this nerve wrecking data lies in various document formats and takes a heavy toll on business productivity. If your business is facing the same challenge, then wouldn’t it be great if you could swiftly skim through your documents and process them without any errors? How about you get an extra pair of eyes that can scan and process your documents at a lightning speed?

Yes, it is possible. AutomationEdge’s DocEdge is here at your rescue. It is an advanced Intelligent Document Processing solution focused on expertly digitizing documents and extracting defined data from various documents. With its robust OCR technology, data from multiple formats like images, PDFs, documents, etc., is converted into text. It is then processed to create structured data as an input for end-user applications using automation.

Processing an invoice is one of the voluminous activities that businesses struggle with. Here, DocEdge can certainly make a difference. In such a scenario, DocEdge can process and extract data from thousands of invoices in multiple formats and process data to create a file in the required format. Using automation, the data is then entered into the ERP system to create a new entry against the respective vendor. DocEdge can also notify stakeholders for approval.

DocEdge is an intelligent one-stop document and data processing solution equipped with robust technologies like OCR, machine learning, natural language processing, Artificial intelligence and Robotic Process Automation. It also has ready integrations to end-user applications to input data and automate processes. Its unique features like choice of OCR renders, image correction, support for the Maker-Checker process, data masking, ready workflows, seamless integration and automation make it the complete Intelligent Document Processing tool.

DocEdge can also serve as a platform for humans in the loop, eKYC Validation Platform, Document Validation Platform, Maker-Checker portal, BPM platform and Approval Portal. Most importantly, it brings in high data accuracy and maintains data hygiene and confidentiality, enabling you to comply with governance and control.

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