Does AE support MSSQL 2019

Does AE version 6.0 support MSSQLserver 2019 ?

Hi Yogita,

AutomationEdge officially supports following MSSQL server versions: 2012, 2014 and 2016
In case of MSSQL 2012 or MSSQL 2014 Servers below service packs are required.
• Cumulative Update 6 for MSSQL Server 2016
• Cumulative Update 6 for MSSQL Server 2014
• Cumulative Update 4 for MSSQL Server 2012 SP2

MSSQL Server 2019 is not officially supported for version 6.0

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@hemanshu.rukadikar Noted. Thank you so much for your reply.

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Hi @hemanshu.rukadikar ,

I have tried find out above mention MSSQL service Pack but only latest service pack is available.
could you able to provide me required service pack for AE.

Hi Yogita,

These are the least required ones. You can use any SPs or patches for the respective versions that have been released after the mentioned version. Also one quick note for you, we also support 2017 for version 6.0 and later. If that is more convenient, you can use the same as well.

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Hi @yogitashingare,

If your problem has been resolved, I will encourage you to mark the required reply as Solution for future reader’s reference.


Hi @hemanshu.rukadikar,

Thank You for your support. I have mark your reply as solution.

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