Encryption and decryption using AES 256 bit CBC model

I tried different ways, have listed them below -

For encryption I tried using symmetric cryptography step but In the model that I’m using we will have a key and initialization vector as well. But I don’t see the option to pass Initialization vector in the step.

Even in secret key generator step I have checked if we are combining the initialization vector and the secret key earlier but noticed that we can only create a AES key and not use it with initialization vector.

I was informed that I can perform this by using User defined java class, but not sure how I would implement it after preparing the Jar file and adding it to the library how will I access it User defined java class.

So I would like to know if I have missed anything in the 1st approach that I have tried and there is a way to perform this using that approach. Also how I would implement it if I was going with the second with jar file and user defined java class.

Hi! Tarun

For the first approach can you use the symmetric-key cryptography step twice in parallel.

I found a solution through user defined java class at the end.
I’m not able to use the step since the key which I’m provided with is of 2 parts. one is a 256bit key and another a initialization vector of 128 bit which I require to encrypt and decrypt the data.

I’m trying to perform AES 256 bits CBC model for cryptography.