Excel Processing Speed

I have built automated processing of large Excel files. The processing is excellent compared to what I have experienced so far, but I wanted to check if there are more options for finetuning to maximise the performance.

I am happy to see that you like the AutomationEdge Excel Automation which is 10X faster than others solutions in the industry.
For fine-tuning, have you tried using the following drivers in the Spreadsheet type engines drop-down list.

  • EXCEL Streamer - is also for reading large XLSX files. It is memory efficient and works across machine configurations.
  • EXCEL Binary XLSB - It is provided to read Excel binary files. The Excel workbook sheets can be read and written a bit faster, making them useful for the larger spreadsheets.

Hi Imran

Recommend to do some performance analysis on your Java VMs memory utilization when the job run.

Here is the Pentaho guide which might help Change the Java VM Memory Limits - Pentaho Documentation.