Extracting data from dummy Rest API to Excel

Hello and Good day.

I am trying to learn on how do I config and successfully execute the getting the data from a dummy REST API and write it down to an excel writer.


So, as you can see in my workflow above, the rest api plug can now fetch the data from the Api URL. However, I want to segregate the data or the key: value pair.

And so, in my Json Input plugin under the Field tab, I am trying to fetch the id using “$.[0].id, $.[0].name, $.[0].username” I have tried this and made sure that the path are correct through JSONPath Online Evaluator.

So, I would appreciate if anyone could help me fetch the data from the Api and put it to an excel file.


I have attached workflow for your reference, in that I have fetched the data through rest api, & stored the output in excel file.
WF_Authentication.psw (18.8 KB)

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