File Management within a Loop plugins/JS/AutoIt/Powershell


We need to the following process:
Create multiple print PDF documents from web sites and before printing/saving them, need to check if the file exists (to avoid file already exist msg), remove the file and then save the new file. Each page has a number at the end to identify number of sequence.

Have been searching for a solution to manage files within a loop or branching to a child workflow.
Have been using FileExists/FileDelete as plugins and through scripting with JavaScript, AutoIt and Powershell but have not been able to get the results expected.

What I need is to detect if a file exists and delete it or write info into a variable. When using each of the options, I display the name that needs to be identified and what value is being returned from the call.

All info is present but every time it is invoked, it returns non-existent, and the file is there.
When testing through Script and “hardcoded” it works like a charm.
Needed to do it on a shared drive (Y:) but also tried on local drive and same results.

What could I be doing wrong here?

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Hi! Willem,

In the Delete Files step in the settings tab did you select the Delete for Each Row option?

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Hi Seema. Thanks for your reply.
The issue where it all starts is that it does not detect that the file exists with FileExists. If I solve this, then I can move forward.

There is an issue reported in my log file, reported to support, that it cannot find the “” file. Think that has to do with what I am reporting.

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