AutoIT does not return value stream

Hi, I am trying to create a script that works perfectly the AutoIT editor but when passing the code to PS, it just does not do anything looking for someone to help me out where the issue is.

In the code, I substituted directoy info with PS variables and trying to get back information generated within the script, with the suggested coding using ConsoleWrite, similar as Powershell.

The process I am trying to implement to automated PDF write/save of a WebPage. Click on the Print/Save of the print dialog using images. Then write the info of the file to be created and execute save in the Save file dialog.

Attached the short WF. If you want to try it out, there is a previous process that should be done. The info can be found in AutoIt blog “Search Image Explanation”.

Appreciate any feedback. (1.1 MB)

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Solved the execution problem. DLL directory definition so it could find the required files.
Now still the issue that it does not return the ConsoleWrite information to the Process stream so errors can be managed.

Again attached the corrected WF for any analisis.

Thanks for any feedback on where the issue could be. (1.1 MB)

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I just got a great hint from @fbaldin on what the other issue is regarding not returning the variables from the script, and this should be for every external script.
Have the variables declared before executing the script so the script will complete it with the required information.
Also remember, ConsoleWrite should start with <<>> and end the same way. I had it with text between the symbols like <>.
Attached a small WF shared by @fbaldin:
AutoIt_Variable.psw (4.6 KB)
And my corrected script that will allow to save/print files after print HTML page is executed from the browser:
WF_PDF Print_Save.psw (6.8 KB)
Thanks Fernando for your support during the weekend.