Print popup from Browser

I need to save a print screen to a PDF file. How can this window be managed?
GUI Spy does not detect any fields nor additional frames.
AutoIt does not detect the elements on the window as it still has HTML elements.

Should different frame indexes be invoked to get to the elements on this screen?


Can you check with GUI plugins (Mouse Action step to click and Set Value step to set the path)? This steps you can find in GUI Automation folder


Hi Sagar. Welcome to the community and thanks for taking the time to provide input.

Have tried it but as this is a propietary page from Google, it does not seem to work.
Have also tried JS Injection but it only works on the page to be printed but not the print control page when CTRL-P is being used.
I managed it with AutoIt but is completely based on images and that is not a very consisten on how it operates. Sometimes gets the image other times it doesn’t. Also timing is an issue. AutoIt just goes ahead even it does not effectively executes the command. No error management as with WEB-GUI
Other hints?

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