Hello Team,

For 20 min,
I want to continuously check if file exists or not, if file exists than data validation and if not exist than check for it again and again until file found and if 20 min exceeds then abort and send failure mail.

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In a process you can use the Wait for File step as seen below.

You can configure the Maximum timeout and Check cycle time to check for 20 minutes.

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If file found in 5minutes than validation is done and if validation is failed then file is shared again for correction and we need to check for the corrected file again for remaining 15 minutes.
I had tried this in process flow but, how to get the remaining time if file is failed in validation and we have to check the file path again after resharing it as we have only 20 min for this task.


Hi! Deepak,

You can capture the workflow start time using the ‘Get System Info’ step or in the ‘Modified Java Script’ step. You can capture the current time again and calculate the elapsed time.

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