Files Related Designs

Files Related Design is not present in the Process Studio so anyone can help me in this

Hi Namrata, could you be more specific. What do you mean by Related Design?
Capture screen or what do you expect.
What do you want to accomplish?
Think you could get better feedback.

PDF to Text,FixedFileInput,Delete Folder,Delete File this all were not present in the process studio Tool.
here is the Screenshort where i am trying to search for this above plugins .

Hi Namrata.
PDF Utilities, definitely are not there. Did all plugins download satisfactory?
Delete files/folders are for processes, not for workflow.
Do not know about FixedFileInput. Not sure if you are referencing Text File input.
Maybe better to open a ticket. They can check on the missing plugins/steps

Ok Thanks @wllmdjngh