PDFs are easy to handle now! Check here 👇

Did you know about PDF to Text Step📃?? Easy way to extract pdf data

Handling many PDFs??

Want to gather all data in one place???

Look Here, We have an easy solution :

Go to Process Studio, and create a workflow

We have PDF To Text Step that easily convert whole PDF data in 2 easy steps.

  1. Get all the file names from the “Get file names” Step (Multiple files case).

  2. Connect Step “PDF To Text” and choose a ‘filename’ from the previous step. If the PDF is protected with the password, provide the Password in PDF Password field.

  3. Store the Output from this step in a Text file (or .docx file using suitable Scripting Step) and manipulate the data as you want.

Note : This is a simple use case, you can implement a workflow as per your scenario/requirement.

We have attached the sample workflow for reference.

WF_PDFtoText.psw (15.7 KB)

Enjoy the automation with ☞ AutomationEdge!!