Filter Rows


Please can you provide a sample workflow with the Filter Rows step and designed with best practices such as Error Handling.

Hi! Tom,

I have designed a workflow with best practices and including the Filter rows step.

I have designed a parent process and a child workflow.

Parent Process:

In the Parent Process you can see error handling at the Workflow Executor workflow.

Child Workflow:

In the child workflow the Excel writer step has error handling. We use the Write to Log step to capture any error records from the excel writer step. Any errors in the remaining steps are handled in the parent process.


I have configured the first Filter Rows step I have applied the condition Aggregate marks greater than 70. All such records go to the true hop and the first excel writer step. The rest of the rows go to the false hop. I have one more Filter rows step here to filter rows less than 30.

Records with marks 30 - 69 are stored in the second excel writer step.

I hope you got a fair idea of how to use the filter rows step and how to design a workflow with best design practices.