Compare 2 excel file data - Like option use in compare the row value

Dear Team,

Excel1 - NEFT_Name
Excel2 - Cust_Name

1.Search excel2 with Like option in column NEFT_Name. if matched, should return. ex., compare the value “Sun Market” and return as “Sun Marketing Ltd”.
Stream Lookup- will return with only match value, my case need to use like option.

2.Failed row values alone (ie., not matching values) should be display in red color.


Dear team,

Can i get any suggestion for this query


1] You can use Filter rows for comparing the tables.
2] You can use any Error handling step.

Hello @sManikandansampath !
Please refer the below screenshot. I hope you are looking for something like this.

We couldn’t able to use the filter row for 2 different excel inputs

Excel contain more than 2000 rows. It’s retrieved only 1000 rows. Pls advice the same…

Hello @sManikandansampath !
I have added one new row in each of the input excel file as below:
Input Excel File1:

Input Excel File2:

Based on above input files I have created workflow like below:

You can refer above screenshot. I hope you are looking for same output. And based on flagfield field you can do your further manipulation.

I am attaching my workflow for your reference.
WF_Empty.psw (29.0 KB)