GUI Automation: Wait for any of two events


Im automating a GUI application.

Rigth now, im having this situation where any of two events can happen:

  • if everything goes rigth with the process that is being automated, a button is enabled.
  • if there is an error in the processthat is being automated, an alert message is shown.

is there a way to use “element action” (wait until) so AE can wait for either of this events?

Hello @Federico.chaves

As per your query, do you want to AE to wait till the events is completed?

Or do you want to use error handling if the events gets failed?


i want to wait until any of these two events happen.

Hello @Federico.chaves

You can use Plugin “Web wait Until” and use Element Present or Alert Present in condition for both events.



Thanks for your kind answer.

As any of the two events can happen, should i use a copy rows so there is a row in each “wait” plugin? If so, how do i “cancel” the row that is on the event that didn’t happen?

You can use Filter rows and set a condition for the event that didnt happen so as you can cancel the further steps.