How te create a formula inside field to be written to excel

Documentation specifies that a field can contain formula: I would like to recreate the following =if((Var1Var2Var3)<100,’[File.xlsx]Sheet1’!$C$27,“Not OK”)

Excel uses Cell references A3, B4, C5, etc. can you tell me how to create an equivalance?
Thank you.

You have to write VB script for that otherwise, First read the file and using values from that cells use formula or calculator plugin to get output field.

Thanks BhagyashriC.

After doing some research, there are some powerfull features within Excel and the issue is that 80%+ of the times we use Excel, 20%- of it’s features.
I got to manage relative positions like the following Javascript instruction:
var Formula = “SUM((CELL(“contents”,INDIRECT(ADDRESS(ROW()+1,COLUMN()))))+(CELL(“contents”,INDIRECT(ADDRESS(ROW()+2,COLUMN())))))”;
and then write this field specifying it is a formula in the Excel Write.

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