Write into an existing excel file


Our customer has an excel template that includes formulas and summarys and custom formats (color, fonts, cells borders).

They ask us to put the content of a excel file in one section of the template.

update from cell c17 the contents of A1:I8 with out lossing the totalling formulas (E28,E29).

Is this possible?

@AE_Knights Please help with your inputs.

Hi Federico.
That shouldn’t be a problem.
Do not overwrite the fórmulas, although I do not think it will recalculate when writing the the file until you open the file manually
We done another approach to recreate the sheet while writing the data and formulas. A little bit more complex but was required as number of line items could vary.
You will need a more complex formula creation for totaling rows/columns.
Hope this helps.

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