Use format info in Excel Writer

The “Style for Cell” has the following explenation: “A cell (i.e. A1, B3 etc.) to copy the styling from for this column (usually some pre-styled cell in a template)”

If I use a template of formats in an excel sheet, how can I reference this format info to be used when writng my data into excel? For example: (Filename(Sheet1(A3)). What is the most complex form of generating this reference?

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Thanks Priyanca.
That is the most simplest form to manage formats in a spreadsheet.
In our case we have to create multiple sheets with multiple formats in different locations and what we have done is, generate a format sheet lets say named “Formats”, hide it and reference the Style like “Formats!A1” and leaving this format sheet hidden. This worked for us.
Nice would be to have a centrilized workbook with all format so it could reference directly "
“[workbook]Formats!A1” but think this is out of scope of AET.
Do not expect to copy Conditional Formats. This is more complex and could be done in a Macro.

How to calculate average/total of each column and store the result at the end of each column?

Hi Bhivraj,

You can use Group by step to calculate average of each column.

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Yes Priyanka I tried using group by but it’s not working properly.

Hi Priyanka,
I am also tried using average in formula but not working.

Hi Bhivaj,

Try to use group by for calculating average of columns. Refer attached small workflow for your help.WF_GroupBy.psw (17.4 KB) ip_StudentMarks.xlsx (9.7 KB)

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Thank you Priyanka.