How To Check the Folder is Empty?

I Need to check whether the Folder is empty or not. How Can I DO this in process studio.

Hi Shubham,

Could you please give a try to Get subfolder names step.

The result will contain the number of folders/files present in the root directory in the children column.

Yes it is returning the total number of files in the subfolder but I wanted to get the count of files available in folder…
If I provide the path to get number of files in C:\TestFolder1 then it search for subfolder and get count the files in that.
I am not getting the files count available in TestFolder to check folder is empty or not.

If you just want to check the folder is empty or not then you can apply following conditions-

If Row returned in result then Folder is not empty
Else No Row returned then Folder is empty

Please check the snapshot.
I given the folderpath to get number of files but it returned nothing?

It only give rows if you are checking the scenario for subfolder.

You can try this simple step which is available in Process. This gives True and False in result.


Ok thank you! I will do this