How Folders Compare Work?

I have created 2 the directory
Folder_1 consist Student_details.xlsx
Folder_2 consist text3.txt

And i am using Folder Compare entry
Both file have the different content
Then also it is returning true Why?
Can you please tell me How Folders Compare Work?

HI Shubham,
As you have mentioned that you have used FolderCompare entry, but you haven’t mentioned the configuration setting you have provided which is equally important.
In the Configuration of FolderCompare entry there is a setting named “Compare”, which has multple values in dropdown. So as per your use case, below are the different scenario:

  1. If you select “ALL” in the Compare setting, you should get “False”. As it compares everything.

  2. If you select “Only Files” in the Compare setting, still you should get “False”. As you have different files in both the Folders. There are also different options you get like compare file size, file content.

  3. If you select “Only Folders” in the Compare setting, you should get “True”. As it compares folder count as per my understanding. So if you add one more subfolder in either of the folders, you will get the result as “False”.

Please let me know if I am able to answer your query.

Sagar Singh