Compare values and get result as True or False

How can I Compare values of two Columns and get result as true or false in Status??

Hello @Pratap_Bhosale

To resolve the use case you can use the following steps:
a) Microsoft Excel Input - to read the input files.
b) Merge Join - to join all the rows from input files.
c) Formula step - to get the result in Status.
d) Microsoft Excel Output - to save the result in the excel file.

Attached is the workflow:-
WF_CompareTwoColumns.psw (23.7 KB)

Excel file:
Loan1.xlsx (8.9 KB)

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Thanks for help,
while doing Merge join step I am getting
bcz of that unable to get desired out put.

Hi Pratap
I guess you are using full outer join as a Join type so I suggest you to try with Inner join option as a join type
Let me know if It works
Thank you

Hi Akash
Thanks for replying, I tried Inner join but as output it gives only values those are equal in both the table.

Hi Pratap
Please Refer my workflow you will get Idea about how to do it
Let me know if it works for you
Thank you
WF_StatusFile.psw (28.7 KB)
Bankstatement.xlsx (9.8 KB)
Books.xlsx (9.1 KB)