How to use Postman

How to Execute AE workflows having run time parameters using API call and Postman.

We have AE-rest APIs to execute any AE-workflow,

Create sample AutomationEdge Rest-API link to trigger AE sample created workflow which will get some input & will store in file on processing machine.

test this on postman as below-

  1. http://:port/aeengine/rest/authenticate - to authenticate with AE
    Body - form data
    username - user name
    password - Password

  2. http://:port/aeengine/rest/execute - to execute AE workflow
    X-session-token - (use token generated in authentication response)
    Content-Type - application/json
    Body -

“orgCode”: “Organization Code”,

“workflowName”: " Workflow name",

“userId”: “User name”,

“source”: “AutomationEdge Demo”,

“sourceId”: null,

“responseMailSubject”: null,

“params”: [


  "name": "input parameter",

  "value": "abcd"






how to create AutomationEdge Rest-API link as mentioned in the 2nd line of your post. thanks.