Login with variable numbers

Hi, I have a situation in one of our systems where the provider requires besides de login and password an ID that is a number, but to type it has to be on the web keyboard, and the number appear in random order. this is the login page:

I see that the number are in the element

AndI have test it the Web Action and it worked, the only thing is how can I use the Web Action based on the value of the item instead of the XPath ?

Hi Fernando,

There is no straight way to automate this. Please use manual intervention step so that the workflow stops at that step and lets user enter data then continue.

Hi Fernando,

You can try to construct xpath based on the value as well:

The actual html element would look like:

The XPATH expression should look like:
//input[@value = ‘hello world’]

based on this you can make the web actions

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Hi Amit, it worked, I Just had to change it to " instead ’ but it worked.


HI Fernado,

plz tell website name.