How to solve Web Set Value related issues: Unable to find the element having Id [xxxx]'


Can anyone recommend a way to troubleshoot web set value related issues? The workflow is opening the browser correctly but I am running into “unable to find the element …” messages in certain web pages frome time to time. Apparently, the X-Path or IDs associated to certain input fields are correct, for example login and password input fields, but the workflow step action cannot read them correctly.

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This issue arising may be due to internal frames. You just check whether the (input) fields are present in same main frame or another internal frame.
If it is present in another internal frame, you need to switch to that internal frame first(Web Switch frame) and then you can perform the required activity with the fields.

Another case may be the fields/elements are not enabled/active(you can check with web element condition step).
In this case you need to use java script injector.

Rohini Deshpande

Thank you very much for the explanation Rohini, Best Regards