Microsoft Sheet - Increment/Add Sheet

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I have this example scenario. For example, I am automating daily the stock’s price. Now, I want my Sheet1 to be named as the Stock Price value, so it will be named as “SP-031424”, I want it increment or add an additional sheet2 to be named as “SP-031524”.

Any ideas that would help will be appreciated. Right now, all I can think is to have MJSV to add some logic to it although I am not entirely sure if that is correct.

Clarification for the Sheet Names:
SP - Stock Price
031424 - March 14, 2024
031524 - March 15, 2024

Hi! Jai

Please can you try watching some of these videos -

You can also look at more Excel videos on the ‘AutomationEdge Cookbook’ youtube channel.

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Thanks, I have watched the videos. However, are there any way on how I dynamically change the Sheet Name based on the current date today? In the videos it has a pre-defined value already or a default name “Sheet1”.

Hi! Jai,

In the Excel Writer step. you can also use variables in the sheet name. So sheet name can be dynamic.