Normalizer and De-normalizer Plugin

What is the use of Normalizer and De-normalizer Plugin?

Hi Akshay,

Row Normaliser step outputs normalized data from De-normalized information.

Following is an example where Row Normaliser step normalizes data back from pivoted tables as demonstrated below. Below is a sample table of product sales data:

The Row Normaliser step converts the data into the format below so that it is easier to update your fact table:


The Row De-normalizer step de-normalizes data by looking up key-value pairs in the normalized data and assigning them to new fields in the output rows ad de-normalized data. It also allows you to immediately convert data types. This method may use aggregates and needs the input rows to be sorted on the grouping fields.

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Hi Rohini,
How to apply row normalizer on CSV file input?

Hello Bhivraj,

Process studio treat the input data from CSV file and excel file in the same way.

You just have to read the CSV file in correct format(with correct separator) and apply Row Normaliser step as like excel.