How to send pivot in mail body

Anyone knows how to share the pivot table in the mail body.

I have created a pivot using but when I am trying to read it using Excel input I am getting blank data.

Please suggest a solution if anyone have any solution on this.

Hi. I am not sure you are able to read an excel pivot table.
Pivot tables are results of other data and that you can read. Then create your own pivot within the process with (de)normalize steps.
Hope this helps

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By using group by I getting attached output but I need this data in the another format which I have attached in second pic

Sorry, no second pic

Ok i will share that

Please check this pic .

I think that with (de)normalizers should work for you.
As it is a little more complex to explain in written form, better check this youtube video AutomationEdge RPA Bot: Row Normalization and Denormalization - YouTube
Hope this solves your issue.
Good luck

I have tried this but it’s not working.
Could please share any sample workflow similar to this scenario.