Reading excel file contents in table format

How to read the contents of excel file, Is there any step for reading excel file contents, as we having step web loop table for writing data into Excel. My problem requirement is to copy the table from excel file and paste it into G-mail contents body in tabular format instead of attaching the excel file.

Hi Rohit,

if your columns are static then it is possible to send email in tabular format (in G-mail body) by using process studio.

please share dummy excel file will guide you accordingly.

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I’m having same doubt
My excel file column are as below
Zip code

Hello Yousuf,

If the columns in excel file are static, then in ‘Modified Java script’ Step, write an html code for table creation and send it in mail body.

Also tick the checkbox for "Use HTML format in mail body?’ in Send mail step

Check image for reference.

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What if columns data are not static?

That is not an issue, just check for the number of rows in that column and create table according to that logic.

Also, we have Java script functions with samples in ‘Modified Java script’ step, which are helpful to you.

Hello Jaydev,
Could you please guide me how to write HTML code in Modified javascript?

Thank You,
Vaishali Khole


i will try.
Thank you :+1:

Is it possible to copy dynamic excel table into mail body?

What to do if no. Of columns are not constant then how to read the excel tables.

Dear Team,

Could you please share the workflow/Process to copy table from excel and send it in an email body.