Not able to import workflow on AE server

(Process Studio Version: 7.0.0)

Hello Habibur,

From AutomationEdge 6.0 onwards, we need to publish the workflow from the process-studio. Select the project & do right click & click on publish option.

On UAT/DEV AE Instance:

  • Use Publish option from process-studio to upload the workflow on the AE server.

On PROD AE Instance:

  • First Publish the workflow on UAT/DEV server using process-studio

  • Export the from UAT/DEV server

  • Upload the same workflow zip file on the PROD server using Import option.

Hi Rakesh,

In Process Studio Version: 7.0.0 there is Create and Update option under Publish.


I got below error message when clicked Publish > Create


I accessed Project Explorer > Edit Project.

Project Name field is not allowing to write anything.Only cursor blinks.

Hi Habibur,

Delete the project from process-studio and import it again. Then try to Edit Project and fill in the details.

Thanks a lot Rakesh. Now able to publish.