Publish A Process

I published a process on server. the same process I made some changes and again want to publish will it create a new workflow or will it update the version of the process online?

Hi Krutika,

If you have updated existing workflow/process in process studio & want update the same changes on the server in existing workflow of AE server then you need to update the existing workflow instead of importing new one.

If you imported the workflow once again then it will create a new workflow on AE server.

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Hello Krutika,

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When you publish the same workflow with some updation, it will create a new workflow/process on the server.

If you want to update the same, please login to AE Portal and update the workflow from ‘Workflows’ tab.

i tried but it asks for a zip file and after uploading the wrokflows in zip file it says zip folder has invalid files

Please refer Point “5.2.2 Publish Workflow with Export option and Import”
from AutomationEdge_User_Guide.pdf

You get this document on AE Portal’s Resources tab.