Office 365: Email Message Input Plugin issue

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Which are the plugin steps and methods to read emails in AutomationEdge Workflows

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There are two plugin steps to read emails.

Input: Email Message Input
This is a legacy OOTB plugin which supports basic authentication along with POP3 and IMAP protocols

Office 365: Email Message Input
This step is exclusively developed using Graph APIs for reading the emails of Office 365 emails. In this, there are two authentication methods, i.e. Password Grant and Refresh Token, based on OAuth2

For Office 365 emailing operations, it is recommended to use the emailing steps available in the Office 365 plugin.

Now from Oct 2022 Microsoft has stopped supporting basic authentication for POP3 / IMAP / Powershell etc . and Microsoft disabled this by default for all customers. Refer below article for reference.

In case some customers still want to use it (Email Message Input plugin), there are steps to be followed to enable it and it will only remain active till December 2022.

Please note the Prerequisites:

The account needs to be configured to allow IMAP access.

Individual Office365 users can make this update themselves but for those with a company account, the IMAP enablement will need to be completed by an IT administrator. To allow IMAP access on Office365, go to the Exchange Control Panel, click on “mailbox features” and enable IMAP from there.

This also has to be enabled by the IT team, if not. Also use TLSV 1.2 .

If IT team has not enabled 1.3, then it will show error like "Remote host terminated the handshake. "

So please check with the IT team for some policies which are restricting that, also try with the outlook application.