Office 365: Email Message Input

While Using Office 365: Email Message Input this plugin Test Connection get successful connection.
As per refer to Appendix 5: O365 App Registration, Authentication and Permissions in Azure Active Directory in Plugin Reference Guide.

(Permissions) scope=Mail.Read Mail.ReadBasic Mail.ReadWrite offline_access openid User.Read User.ReadWrite

But while Get the folder shows the error:

Error: {“error”:{“code”:“OrganizationFromTenantGuidNotFound”,“message”:“The tenant for tenant guid ‘559e322d-0ce6-4892-90a9-93e815c3fc63’ does not exist.”,“innerError”:{“oAuthEventOperationId”:“3ae11103-a5dd-4dfa-83aa-5c03caef4522”,“oAuthEventcV”:“zKNbuug8IdmetJnN//fHRQ.1.1.1”,“errorUrl”:“",“requestId”:“95a6f5bf-f423-486b-9fe9-1fac736f5d79”,“date”:"2023-03-13T08:47:05”}}}
Error Code: 401
Error Response Text: Unauthorized

Any Solution?

@AE_Knights could you please check this error and resolve?