Problem in comparing String in javascript

I am checking whether the list of table is present in database or not. If Present then table exist return Y else N.
If it return Y i want to set status =“Present” else =“Absent” (see in snapshot).
I checked the datatype of result variable (returns by Table exits) . It is datatype is Object
so I converted into string using String() function.
But still unable to compare the two string.
Only in this case it is not working. could you try with this table exits and check the result.

I think that if you use the Step “Filter Row” you will be able to do this comparison.

Sure I will do this with filter row.To avoid the multiple plugin I did this.
Can you tell me why this is happening?

unfrotuanley I don’t know why is happening! :slight_smile:

Yes ! I’m unable to understand why this is happening?