Python script execution

I need help. How to execute command line argument python script using “python script plugin”.

Hello @sonam1 !
Currently “Execute Python Script” plugin doesn’t have the functionality to pickup command line arguments.
Alternate way to pick up command line arguments through process studio and use it in python script is as below:
Step1: Prepare workflow as below:

Step2: Open “Generate Rows” step and substitute values as below:

Python script file name mentioned in command field is as below:

Step3: Open “Execute a process” step and substitute values as below:

Step4: Execute the workflow. We will get result as below:

can you please explain the cmd/c python.exe in generate row.Here you provide python exe path or somthing else.

Hello @sonam1 !
Since we are executing a command not directly from command line, thus we specify cmd first which states that start a cmd.exe process on which the consecutive command will run.
Here “/c” is provided to execute a specified string as a command in MS-DOS. After the provided command execution is completed the created shell will be closed.
Yes, here we mention complete path of python.exe. I have only mentioned python.exe in command since I have already stored complete path till python directory in environment variables.


Thank you for the help. Python script executed successfully.