Python scripts error (Process Studio)

Hello guys,

It’s my first topic in this forum, and i’m new in AE development.
I need a help to use python scripts in Process Studio 6.1.1.
When i create a script, my RPA don’t run. The logging shows me this following error:
“ Was unable to start python server”
“Was unable to start python server”

Basically, my script will open some python libraries to automate windows cmd openning (i’m still don’t know how can i do this only using the Process Studio)
I have python installed in machine, and already used to develope some scripts.

I’m glad if someone can help me with this.

My regards.

Hi, Why don’t you use Powershell Step in the Scripting folder in studio?
Is a native windows language for cmd commands.

Hello @douglasf !
Pre-requisite for Execute Python Script plugin:
Since you are using an older version of AutomationEdge Process Studio, install python 3.6.1 on your machine.

You can install Python 3.6.1 by either downloading executable from the below link:
Python 3.6.1


Request for from AutomationEdge Support and install python by following steps given in the AutomationEdge guide.

Command to install required python modules:
If Python 3.6.1 setup was done using an executable then,
pip install pandas
pip install pyxlsb

If Python 3.6.1 setup was done using then,
"d:\Python36\python.exe" “d:\Python36\Scripts\pip.exe” install pandas
"d:\Python36\python.exe" “d:\Python36\Scripts\pip.exe” install pyxlsb

This should ideally resolve the error of “Was unable to start python server”.
Because the reason for above error is either
Environment paths for python are not properly set.
There is some zombie python process which is still running in the system and you are trying to start a new python process over top of it.
Python setup is corrupted.