Queues in Automation Edge

Is there any concept of the queue in automation edge, where we can store records

Please elaborate more about your concern. Which records you want to store?

i extract records from one application say about 100 records and those records need to be stored in online AE server so that some other process can use those records and process all transactions and mark the status of each record as failed or sucess. these records should be visible in the AE server

In this scenario you need to develop a workflow, as you have to mark transactions as per records to change the status.

It is not feasible to store records on the server.

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Hi Krutika,

For such kind of requirements you can use file output(excel) or database as well to store the records and can be used in other workflow/process for further processing and update the status of the record as per the execution.

ok agreed we can but any possiblity that on prem provides any such feature to stori it and access it from there?