Read mail from inbox

Dear team,

First time working with Mail plugin (IMAP or POP3) with below points. Can i get any reference workflow with some suggestions from your end for read the mail on one by one and perform the activity.

  1. Need to read the mail on one by one
  2. Need to check the subject with keyword.
  3. Need to identify whether replied our mail or not.
  4. If matched, need to download the attachment into one folder
  5. Move the mail into one folder “processed”.
  6. If subject not match, need to move into folder “Others”.

Hi Team,

First time working with mail reading option. Can i get any suggestion or sample workflow…

Hi, @sManikandansampath if you want to read emails with some particular filters then you can use the Email Message Input Step. But before that, you must lower down the google account security settings so that you can read emails from that id.
Please see the sample WF.WF_EmailMessageInput.psw (15.9 KB)