Recognize CSV Text Within Double Quotes (")


We are trying to recognize the files downloaded from an email in .csv format, but in some of the fields that contain addresses and cities they are being separated by commas within strings indicated with double quotes (").
We need that all content that is inside the double quotes is inserted in only one column even if there is a comma (,) in it.




12/12/2022 04:10,BRT,EMPRESA S/A / DT - VEICULOS,Unknown,MOBI | VEICULO | DT,Fora da Área de Atuação - Próprio,“Rodovia Anhanguera, Polanguini - SP, 32569-658, Brasil”,004 - BR050 SP,“-20,1103843257247 / -47,7911195679236”,Acionado,12/12/2022 04:12,Buscar Jose Carlos,Rinaldo dos Santos Liencz

In the example if identified time the column between lines:

EventDescription: “Rodovia Anhanguera, Polanguini - SP, 32569-658, Brasil”

And also the geographic coordinates:

GPSCoordinates: “-20,1103843257247 / -47,7911195679236”

Both have commas and are enclosed as a string in double quotes (")

Has anyone ever experienced this?

Hi David,
Maybe have experienced it but not with RPA but modifying data to be managed afterwards.
It seems, at least what you showed, that fields are separated with just a “,” and not with ", "(,\b). Read it as text, change “,” with “‘,’”. Write to a new file and read that one as CSV.
Just an idea.