Remove outputfile Download option in request tab on t3 portal

Can we remove the output file Download option in the request tab on t3 portal.? And How we can achieve this?

Hello @meghakalyanshetty

Can you please elaborate your question?

If you do not want your processed file to be downloaded from Requests tab in AE UI, simply uncheck the Add filename to result checkbox in the relevant output file step.

I’ll try this one.Thank you!!

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@KalyaniW This highlighted part I’m asking about can we remove this file.

Yes, we can if you don’t want the Output file displayed in the Requests tab, you can simple uncheck Add filename to result checkbox. The file won’t be displayed in AEUI as Hemanshu Rukadikar suggested.

Thanks, It is working @KalyaniW @hemanshu.rukadikar