Sign In Issue

Hi team,
I have to sign in to academy page but my credentials is not working… Please give me an solution forgot password also not working it showing no such user.
and examination page is not working.

Hi @KiraDevloper,

What is your userID?


hi AutomationEdge
Still i did not get access for my account,i have to raised ticket for foundation exam GUI related task but still i did not get access of my account

do some needful

Can you please share the link you are using to login?

yes sir

this is the link


Sorry but help me understand one thing. Why are you trying to log in to support portal instead of academy?

My community account is working only on mobile.i cannot use it on system and if I try to login there it showing no such user.
I need to use it on system.

Nah, not what I meant.

This is link for Support Portal

Login - AutomationEdge Learning
This is the link for your academy i.e., certification, training, etc.

You may not have a user on support portal hence you are getting that error.

Thank you for the clarification, my all accounts are working now.

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Glad to know